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Traveling Licensed Minister in Ohio
(since 1995)
Non-Denominational Ceremonies

Your Wedding/ Your Way
Affordable, Beautiful Ceremonies

You want your wedding day to reflect your style.
Create your wedding day with a personal touch.
Whether you use one of our many pre-written ceremonies or
You customize your ceremony; your wedding will be unforgettable.
Whether it is your 1st wedding or your 5th.
  Love is the center of a meaningful wedding. Build your ceremony on the foundation of love and it celebration.
You will find that Dee will help create a wedding ceremony that is personal, special and,
because it is particularly your own, unforgettable.
It will be easy for you to do this with the help of
Dee Krier The Custom Wedding Specialist who cares.

Contact her at DeeKrier@windstream.net

(740) 670-2400

Important Information: If you are a resident of Ohio, you must apply for a marriage license in the county in which you are a resident, out-of-state newlyweds must apply in the county in which they are going to be married. No blood test or waiting period is necessary to obtain a marriage license in Ohio. It takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out the paperwork.

Your-Site Weddings (You provide the Venue)

Wedding $150 per hour
(One-hour minimum)
Rehearsal $150 per hour
(One-hour minimum)
Rates are increased (call) for Holiday Weddings
Services are subject to travel expense of .50 per mile both ways.